perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Happy new year from thastor!

keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2011

Thastor Multi Gladiator Warrior PvP Weekly PvP ! Can we get 500 Thumbs pls :D

Thastor Multi Gladiator Warrior PvP Weekly PvP !

tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

Thastor Christmas Special 2 :)

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011

Yow guys :) Toke some screenshots, looks just great also I got request to you :o

Guys If you could paste my youtube channel to your friend who plays wow id be really happy for that, let me know if you that for me i can promote your videos as return gift :) Thanks guys for all the amazing support.'

Control -C -> Open Conversation with ur friend -> Control -V 8)

ps: no weekly videos has been released for while since im working all my extra time and energy to thastor 10. Cheers and happy winter for you all ! :)

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2011

Excited for new expansions, still excited for this game aswell :)

Dunno I guess im like the only one who still likes this game alot and dont really see it being replaced by any other game for a while :) hopefully never. Just Put your wow musics on and youll remember why you still play this, theres tendency in wow player community to do only 1 thing and then getting bored of game, what id advice you to do is do other stuff too than just arena or just pve or what ever your thing is have some mixture, thats the beauty of this game.

New expansion will be revealed at blizcon today gonna be exciting i like new expansions alot, atleast cataclysm was big success imo and i enjoyed it very much.

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

4.3 changes for PvP balance

All we need now is ->

Nerf feral damage, add 15 sec cooldown to feral insta cyclones.
Nerf Frost mage damage (Hello 50% hp in 1 global)
Nerf every caster in general. This could easily be done by buffing resto druids and warriors.
Just give warriors back second charge and increase damage, That would fix so much with the current Mage festival we have in pvp atm.
Giving resto druids some more armor and able to bloom 3x targets again.
Giving paladins hot so they can do something when playing against proper mages.

That should fix the game a bit, oh and buff hunters plox.

PS Extra Bonus video for giving me 250+ Thumbs on my  Previous video. Thanks so much for support!

(actually got almost 500 thumbs up on previous vid Thank you so much )

tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011

Made Little New channel for All games Im playing.

Now I play wow mostly, like 90% of my time I spend playing but rest 10% is CSS and WC3.
Heres litttle Wow / CSS montage btw which is located at my new Channel.

Thought it'd be a good idea to start channel for other games.

For easy Subscribing =)

sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Rogue's are really nice to play :) 11#

I can now remember what made me play troll male rogue from first days of wow till season 2.
The style how you play in PvP as a rogue is just amazingly entertaining. Althought all my expierences are only from  PvP at lvl 70-75 Bg:s and world PvP from lvl 1 till 75 :-P but so far its been really great. Will focus on rogue definatly which is on Kor'gall EU where dara mactire EU version lies anyway Cu there and bad news no pics today but! I got video for you also some rogue material there some crazy neilyo moves for ya!
Will update when its on youtube!

torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

Rogue journal 10#

I'm back sorry, had big exam at school. Anyway back to write something little for you  :)

Starting new channel 8)

Im gonna apply to machinima director program once I reach 10.000 subscribers.
I need to change all my copy righted stuff to other channel, so Slowly Ill start Uploading stuff there.
Old videos and new copyrighted music stuff, people tend to like my music taste alot so even after ill become director with machinima ill still make videos with awsome music and so on.

One possibility is also that I Make This channel my Main channel and leave Thastorcyclone as it is.

In any way, Sub there for more sum high rated arenas, tips and BTW commentaries is stuff im working next.

Also little hint to my blog readers I got 2 extra razer nagas here so Ill be doing give away at some point.

Rogue is lvl 70 atm!

Will make post l8r on that.


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perjantai 9. syyskuuta 2011

Nostalgia in Silithus :) Rogue Journal 7#

Damn I love this place, can just remember world pvp here back in classic ganking with my rogue that was really fun. I think everybody who PvP misses this. Maybe make same kind of place as silithus where you can farm stuff to improve your chara, forbid flying mounts to avoid people just flying and trying to run from battle :) Tyrs hand / Elemental plateu style place also would be nice. I dont atleast Consider Halaa type of places to be world pvp to be honest it just doesnt have the same feeling. Saw blue post actually about this  I think it was like half ass green light to future world pvp so lets hope best :)

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

lauantai 3. syyskuuta 2011

Rogue journal 5# !

Wazap guys! been actually leveling rogue pretty hard :) People on dara mactire seem really nice! Oh and now that were talking about the guild, the requirements are 2.4k arena rating or 2.2k RBG. I bet exceptions can be made but mostly not but hey all rules are meant to be broken right.
Anyway heres the screens :)  Scroll down for earlier rogue journals if you wanna checkout my rogues path in korgall !

torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

Epic Success. Cure for being warrior has been found!

Since my last post was so well received and was an just amazing success and had insane feedback on it.
Ive decided to bless you with another insight on this great game we call world of warcraft. It is profoundly true that this game has went to point where warriors can just stay in the starting area when the arena match starts. Is there cure for this? Revolution? Riot to blizzards office? Maybe not those but there lies a cure. You must have thought about it when you were sitting in cc for 45seconds while your healer is screaming for peels at 10% health.
Cure is here.
And then!
Enough said.

keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Save The mages!!

Just look at the face of this mage, and try to turn away. Each up to 1-2 Mages lose an arena match per day. They are crippled by the devastating effects of the mage nerfs.
How can we live our days knowing there big problem in this balance system in wow.
Currently theres 1.3million mages in this world. Oppox Belongs to these unlucky travellers. Mages are in horrible need of buff. Currently mages actually need 1 global to do over 70k damage to 4k resielence targets, this is outrageous something NEEDS TO BE DONE THE DAMAGE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH.  Mages Crowd control abilities are so fall behind its unbelievable, they only can roll cc in whole enemy team for over 30 seconds, Something needs  to be done or the class will fall of the map. As we can see the class representation is nearly below 0.1%. Why would someone want to take mage to your team when he had only double any other classes damage? Why take mage when he can tank more than tanks itself? Why take mage with more cc than any other class? The class is useless...!

Not to mention the horrible Survivability abilities that mages have, 30k shields and 2x invurnability to all damage is just not enough not to mention immune to stuns and passive sprint!

Save the mages, donate now............

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Some old pics :) Damn that ui is HOT !

Thastors key binds part 1#

I get alot of PM:s in youtube or in game about my keybinds and so on so heres the ultimate guide to key binds by thastor. Before we get started make sure your every skill is actually keybinded, really go do it now if not.
These might not work with your hand everything is about how big  your hand size is really.
Heres my basic keybinds for my warrior, will give more example on other classes after this.

basicly my binds are these, ill explain few macros here too.
1 = Charge (Battle stance) , Intervene, (Def), Intercept (Zerk)
2 = mortal on all stances
3= slam / sunder armor (Not really using that anymore
4= hamstring, shield block, hamstring
5= Throwdown,revenge and cleave
6 = auto attack for lols i dont use 6 at all.
7= commanding shout, not using 7 at all
T= Spell reflect macro get shield from this, i got macro vid on thastoRG channel
E = Op, Battle stance, battle stance
Q= Zerk stance and equip 2h, same (def) , Zerk Whirlwind
F = Execute.
f1= Target arena 1
f2 = Target arena 2
f3= target arena 3
Those are really awsome, played without them for long time they really help targeting when you get used to them.
From picture you can see rest I think, ill explain few more.
S-E = Shield , def stance
S-T = back 2h.
SH = focus
Caps = zerk stance, really old button to have not used anymore since reck is now on battle stance
CF = Shield wall macro (Also on macro video)
CE= Focus charge
s4= focus pummel
s5=  Intervene macro
SY = Stop bladestorm
SC = imba healing macro
SF= Swiftys 1 shot macro  (Reck, mortal, trinket, bladestorm after that)
Mouse button 1 = focus throwdown
Mousebutton 2 = Colossul smash and trinket.

boatss and hoooooo........

wazap ! rogue journal 4#! soon 30!

:) Few hours time to play today leveled a bit!

sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011

Rogue Journal 2#

Nostalgic stuff playing this. I played rogue around 100 days played in lvl 60 till s2 as main. Really love playing again on rogue. Heres some pics. Ill post more, ill do little journal here of my journey from 1-till85 :) Im in korgall EU, aka in eu dara mactire guilds server!
Heres some pics!

Rank 1 rogue EU INC! (From Korgall, Dara mactire EU is here.)

If you play on this server feel free to send me some gold ! ill pay back by sending back smile in a post!

Wazup guys , nerd here.

Ill be doing little blog post on key binds I use later on! cheers guys:)

perjantai 26. elokuuta 2011

Hey guys :) Promise to you and way to get free gold from me.

If I dont write here Daily For the next month, Everyday I dont write here everyone who is reading this blog is allowed to come trade me for 100g each day when I Didnt write. If in 24 hours I havent (GmT+2) Wrote ANYTHING in here you have right to come trade me for 100g. I got big exam from english coming up so writing stuff about all kinds of stuff will help that maybe. This starts tomorrow, so check this daily if I havent wrote anything you have right to come trade me for free gold. Cu at orgimmar :)

PS: new vids in to  Finally got some music I can use there aswell / Camera. Im gonna release first IRL Video when We get 250 thumbs up to 1 video. But releasing some game play with some really good music there already TODAY or tomorrow :) so keep your eyes open on your subscriber box.

My addons :)

I recently started using addons actually always played without addons almost, sometimes its hard since then I have to remember enemy cooldowns on interrupts and so on. Reason I did that is last TR we almost got to online games so thought better start practicing playing without addons anyway.

I got couple questions what addons I use and so on heres the list:
Bartender. (action bars)
Tecticles or something ( Font )
Juked (Shows ALL cooldowns, Tbh never used these before imo its brilliant)

NEW VID BTW =) Thumbs up for working like ugly stripper

torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

This is awsome..

Dara mactire Will be on EU korgall.

Hey guys wadup guys it seems dara mactire will on EU korgall, no i wont be migrating all my charas there actually leveling rogue there now basicly cos im broke and cant afford even one migrate haha!
I will let you know more on details , requirements etc later here cheers!

keskiviikko 24. elokuuta 2011

Wazup ferals are fine, This guy is my friend so sub hes channel if u feel like it :)

What happens here is:
I Charge pally, Put auto attack off (To avoid dottin pally) before im on hes range, Wait a litttle, Fear to try to get rogue out of stealth Maybe get wotf and Make pally full fear, if he trinkets full cyc which is more than enough for us to kill rogue, and thats how you kill ret pally with feral warrior :) btw feral is op wth bliz.

tiistai 23. elokuuta 2011

[Warrior Post] Incite or Slam spec for Warriors? PS link to newest thastor vid at end of post, Thumbs up!

Hey guys thastor here. I probably get like 10-15 questions per day about which spec should warriors go. Naturally I was slam spec throughout the whole season 9 which back then it was awsome and you basicly could burst down max resi dk:s in couple seconds (Check Thastor 6 Ending if you wanna see how it was) It was really fun to play back then. Now with new Colossul smash and Damage nerf warrior is alot like rogues actually. No longer big burst damage its more sustained damage and if you know what your doing its okay. Althought why take warrior to your team when you can just take any other class and have better dmg and CC but thats another story for another day. Reason I went incite is actually some guy came on and sayd, why your slam spec when you barely use it. Started watching some clips and noticed there aint many spots to use it, i already kinda knew this just had this deep attachment to short slam casts  :3 Only clips I saw me using it alot was if we had split damage against Lock Healer X teams when Warriors goes LOCK and feral goes interrupt healer. Also when I go solo some priests I used it.
Few pointers here if your going with slam spec:
Use slam:
1# When you have Mortal on CD, OP on CD,  Heroic strike on CD (Depending on Rage situation) and Remember the stacks its really nice to have 3x stacks and get good free slam time behind pillar to priest.

2#  Try pick targets that are easily slammable.

3# When you have good comp to use it and to generate spots where you can maximize the spec.

 anyway back to boats and hoes.
I personally really like incite, When you get higher the enemies get better and they know how to CC warriors, they know how to think and how to play against you. This is why warriors been whining that Higher you get the harder it gets especially for warriors because its easily cc:able still, especially with 25s spell reflect CD now days, brilliant idea nerfing not like warriors were getting owned by wizard cleaves earlier right?
But the better the enemies get, The less Face to face time you get with these people so I really basicly had GOOD slam spots 1-2 times a match but Im constantly using heroic strike and thats how I respecced.

DOUBLE WARRIOR ACTION ! newest thastor vid wadup !


perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Yow! About Dara mactire EU.

I get probably 15-30 contacts IG when I log in to wow about dara mactire. Yes Im part of dara mactire now, but not US dara mactire. I know its US guild but they will be moving to europe slowly thats all I know. Eventhought im not part of the actual guild US dara mactire I belong to their youtube group and I regularly make video there my lates video here:  (kitty,Arena and 2x warrior 2on2) I hope you enjoy this, little different. My next video will be dueling 2.8k+ Players.
Douglas (Leader of dara mactire) Doesnt yet know who is going to lead it so I dont know that. I have no idea about times when its will it get online, when it will I will let you know :) just keep following this blog, utube or my twitter /FB I will keep you guys updated on this.
    Anyway I hope EU dara mactire will be as awsome as US one is. Maybe we will get big names there aswell :) Everyone atleast on US dara mactire seem really positive people and really trying to get the thing better and making better and better vids everyday which is awsome. Id like to give big shotout to mercader who is part of dara mactire aswell really nice guy :)

Have a great weekend guys :---------------)

torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

Hey guys sorry for the lack of content here lately. I been thinking And I remove Advertisement from here.
From now on its just going to be quality writing with clean background. Todays topic were going to examine will be about players at high rating.
You constantly hear from people, those guys are assholes. Yes its true that some of them are but why. Its kinda like how people who are really good looking can be real assholes
And get away with it.
In this case being really good looking can be replaced by being just really good player. People have to play with them and their rules. These people who really think their the shit
enjoy this. I think they must get some kind of narcistical satisfaction from this. These really good players might be total failures in their real life, jobless, no friends,
nothing they're trying to pursue, just new day and same old shit right. But Once they log into this game which brings them their validation they become the ultimate king of the world.

    Because this game or what ever game it is that brings to these players their validation they get really pissed when they dont succeed, thats why you see people go really crazy over this shit.
Its no longer just a game. I personally feel sorry for guys like this its not usually their fault their there even thought they might be yelling at you in skype in reality their just
feeling shit from stuff going on in their real life since their not taking care of things or living the life they really want.

btw ps: Im not judging people who really live in this game,i play it alot aswell maybe just giving you a heads up when you meet these hardcore people. (btw my skype is thastorii)
Also not everyone will have choice of things to do really and nothing wrong with that, dont worry about things you dont have just be happy with stuff you got.
but if you wanna change stuff up, change it.

sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011

Two new videos :)

Two Short arena matches at start.
Two long ones at end :)

Some pala tips, Will go more deep when I get mic that doesnt sounds like atomic bombs are exploding 24/7.

torstai 11. elokuuta 2011

Hey guys =) I removed Ads Added donate button instead.

Personally I didnt like the ads, they made the site looks ugly and disgusting. Instead if you feel like you've liked what ive wrote, or been entertained by mine videos or just feel like in a giving mood I added donate button, im poor student so even 1 dollar donation is big for me :) Anyway I got tons of great writing incoming here already wrote them just wanna finish them off. If you got Paypal my donate adress is or just click the button right there on the site :)
BTW Adding Athenes reponse to me soon ! haha :) Updating this soonish!

keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011

Thastor @ dara mactire go Thumbs up and subscribe!

Some "introduction" To my Future videos In Dara mactire channel. For you who dont know, Swifty and Athene are the biggest stars at that guild / Youtube group, This is gonna be big!
Anyway Remember to subscribe dara mactire channel too :)!

torstai 4. elokuuta 2011

Thastor 8. Next up Paladin videos.

So far insane response, thanks guys :)

In other news. Next videos will be on holy paladin pov. I definatly feel i got alot to share on this.
I was rank 7# season 8. Last season I played two weeks on it in s9. We got to 2750 on kittycleave which is pretty okay, the comp wasnt so good back then. Now probably kittycleaving to gladiator again. MLS seems biggest counter. Anyway Ill do some guides on how to holy paladin on my main channel or thastoRG.

PS: I made macro video, been asked to do this for long time.

maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

s10 arena is fun, Future vids.

Problem with these weekly videos is that I cant use my best clips there nor my best songs because I have to save my best clips and music for bigger videos. Althought same time I have to make sure its quality content on Weekly videos aswell. For example I got tons of quality stuff for thastor 8 but Scared to use it on weekly video.
This problem can be ofc solved by just playing more and surfing for good music. So if you got any good song ideas just let me know.
                      Ive been online alot more now since s10 is pretty fun. Yesterday we almost got 2.8k on my pally with 20-4 winrate. After that we got pwned by mirror like 10 times. My teammates went enrage. I told them not to que for while and calm down a bit but they just wanted to win, kept queing and using same tactics and getting the same result. Few tips for my readers if you do this too. Take 20 sec brake. Take deep breath, understand your not playing 100% when your playing with your emotions. Try different tactic and not same tactic. If you lost 5 times to same time using same tactics it wont probably work on the 6h game.

Found this quote on internet:
"Keep doing what you've always done, keep getting what you've always got"

So true. Goes around for real life  too btw.

PS: I still have couple of charas without 3on3 teams. If your chill guy with atleast 2.5k xp contact me here or youtube or IG.
have a great day.

torstai 21. heinäkuuta 2011

Weekly video 3#

Hey guys Heres my newest work :) Hope you like it. It has clips from war pov, dk , priest (really short one) and warlock clip :) I will answer any question here on my blog on next writing :)
Next video will have me playing holy paladin. Im best on pally was rank 7# in Eu cyclone whole s8 and tr rank 13#. So maybe if you play holy pally you can learn something. I also have alot of Resto shaman clips ! Cheers guys and have great day

tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Played arena abit today !

If your thinking what classes your going to play this season. Id say most fun classes seem to be Paladin, Lock and warrior. If you enjoy feral id say go for it. Basicly any team with feral now wins the team that has no feral. I will be trying kitty cleave again on my paladin probably going to be insane we had 2750 last season on it on my pally so maybe its 3k now? I really liked playing arena otherwise after couple weeks of brake. Warrior damage really seem to have dropped alot and new change on on reck / deadly calm seems to made some effect on the damage. Now if you wanna do it smart way you use recklessness and bladestorm together and after that or before you use deadly calm.
            I also have tons of clips on my computer now I will release video tomorrow, also started thastor 8. People sayd thastor 7 was way too much arena and not so exciting matches. I feel that I kinda noticed that when i made it but really wanted something different so if you watch thastor 6 you might wanna watch thastor 7 just for basicly extra footage just hardcore warrior 3on3.

To my non warrior playing readers I will have some DK clips and healing clips on Resto shaman and Holy paladin on my new vid so keep checking the youtube ! thanks for reading and have a great day.

Swifty banned, Conspiracy?

Tbh Its possible he didnt get ban on hes warrior just really good publicity trick. Imagine how many people are going on trade chat and forums maybe even on streets "Swifty is banned :(". Next question on the trade chat might be "Swifty who" Some guy googles swifty finds hes youtube channel = Swifty just got new subscribers and more money.
Athene instantly made video of it which is just more networking. And more they network the more they will gain ad revenue which is great and i must bow to them, great idea.
Swifty after the money from this fuzz :)

torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

Season 10 is here.

Season 10 is here, ill be giving some nice articles on different comps ill be trying throughout the season.
Since Im going to play this whole season now I think ill probably aim 3-4 gladiators. My record is 3x gladiators on same season and 4 duelists. now ill try 4 glads. Problem is probably going to be that there is not enough gladiator skilled players on Stormreaver. One of my good friends will be starting after summer so we can hit our top teams back up to top10 again.

keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

How did I make my money in WoW.

People ask where I get money to gear up all my 9 characters. Gems and best enchants to all of those characters sure are tough to get if you dont know how to get the money. So im gonna let you know how I did it.
         Basicly, I did nothing. My army did the work for me. Now you might be thinking what the.... Basicly what I did instantly after I noticed that woah these guild perks seem pretty cool! Then one of them really stroke my eyes! 10% of  The gold Looted goes now to the guild bank. So i decided to make biggest guild on server and thats what I did. All the work I did was invite tons of people with my good friend Revenga who is basicly richest guy on SR I think. Now I just chilled for couple of months let the money come to me and now I got like 100k. I did nothing. Other way I made those is Leveling is really essential if you want money fast aswell. Thats also good way to get money to your guild bank or level your guild. I might be startin a new guild. My guild is now 25 level and it has 1000 members which is MAX. So if you want to get rich in WoW easily and not doin much Id suggest you to do this. Only tough part is gettin people to join the guild and that can be annoying.
I wish you the best of luck :)

PS: I want to let you know that I still have very good material from my Frost dk arenas, some warrior and Resto shaman. All of them are 3 on 3 I got tons of material for weekly Materials Ill be uploading them to youtube very soon!

peacé out! =)

tiistai 28. kesäkuuta 2011

Thastor 7 Finally done :)

Here it finally so far really good response thanks alot for the comments and keep em comin =)

perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011

3000 subscribers ! Thanks all :)

3000 subscribers, Thank you very much. Today its midsummer day in finland so were out tonight with my girls.
I got tons of footage so weekly videos inc soon. Im uploading 2 in the next seven days.

tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

Soon 9x 85's 8)

Started leveling my hunter to 85 now, found tons of teams already to my characters. I still have few characters without teams so if your 2.6+ player contact me :)

sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Played some Kitty cleave on my paladin to 2800.

We instantly got MMR from 2.4-2.8k after beating few 2.8k teams. This comp really seems viable as does everything with feral and warrior in it. I can just imagine this in next patch too after feral and paladin buffs.
Anyway heres a little picture I toke for you guys :)
Loving this game :)

lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2011


My next Major video is on its way ive been frapsing alot on these last days of the season alot. Reason why ive skipped few weekly videos is that I want Thastor 7 to be perfect and not to dissapoint you.
   Death knights seem really fun I played some TSG in the last few days and got some really nice clips. Its really fun to play compared to boring UH. Also Frapsing some Paladin Feral Warrior today havent played paladin since s8 going to be fun :)


maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2011

Nostalgic Stuff in wow pt.2 , s10 Starting Team up with Thastor

Put musics on. Go to some classic zones damn thats nice if you have played in vanilla. Really just funny especially after a couple weeks brake from the game. I will upload some of clips from hillsbrad right before cataclysm patch came so if you wanna hear the old musics they really are cool, some of the new ones seems to be okay as well. Anyway dont worry if your PvP player about this RP stuff, im not going crazy and I wont be writing much stuff like this. I just havent been playing lately so much so dont have much to comment about PvP all I can currently say is that warrior seems really fun still to play, I will launch a Quiz BTW should I comment on other classes too since I got them all almost at 85 with full vicious and 2.5k+ xp on all of them atleast, But this was started as warrior blog so not sure so gotta ask the readers. I will always try to cover always the otherside aswell if im commenting on warrior changes because thats what makes great player, knowing your enemy.

           S10 will kick in soon and then I will start rolling alot more in arenas with my charas. Already started leveling my 9th 85 chara hehe. If your intrested playing with me you can leave comment or just come online and write /Who thastor and you'll find me. I expect that you have 2.6k expierence+ on Cyclone/Rampage or if your on other BG and think if you are at that level and up for it then definatly give me a shot and tell me about yourself a bit. Also if your on cyclone and you're stuck with bad players but sure that your good I can test out with you in 2's a bit. And if you dont qualify to those go practice and try becoming better everyday.

"Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will be far short of it.

perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011

Tanaris most nostalgic place in wow :)

If your old school player like me, you can remember the times when you were little like 13 years old and went to tanaris first time. You heard the music, saw the mobs some of them were too high level for you to beat them maybe you also visited zul'farrak first time.  It was like whole new world. You might have died few times to some high level mobs but you still kept trying to quest there. Those were the times. I still enjoy going to tanaris even 6 years after all that. I still remember when my rogue was my main it was like level 44 or something my family just got home from 2 week vacation from thailand i felt just great coming home, but we came home at like 3.44 am and it was december 31th so new years, i was like 12 or 13 cant remember i just played all night long untill all my friends got here. I travelled with my rogue around azeroth that night all night long visited tanaris and hinterlands both of my favorite areas, its really funny how you remember stuff like this.
I miss the old  songs in tanaris and other classic songs in azeroth. Blizzard should just return atleast some of them. I have some frapsed material of me walking around in azeroth with music on I can probably add them to my youtube someday just for the nostalgia and to share it with you :) I'm gonna try rated bg:s for the first time on sunday I think gonna fraps it too and see if anything cool comes out of that ! I think I better stop writing before this gets too RP.

have a nice day guys :) maybe share your cool nostalgic expierences in wow !

torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2011

Coffee, No hangover, Logging wow first time for weeks!

Dont you just love coffee in morning. After great night at club, sun is shining. This is awsome. Also logging in to wow after being away for while is really cool, the game just seems different. Now ive had some nice session where i've played like 2 weeks in row like 14 hours a day, dimishing returns really kick in there. Now logging online after 2 weeks brake, damn so nice.

Logging later today to fraps some for weekly video. If you wanna join my healbotting crew connect me tonight :) I might fraps some arena too, btw thastor 7 is almost done!

keskiviikko 8. kesäkuuta 2011

Adding some more IRL videos soon!

Since its summer im not inside much and I can only play wow like 1-2 times a week and then only 1-2 hours max. Adding weekly videos As much as I can but I dont wanna make alot of videos that are bad. I rather have quality over quantity and I want every second to be entertaining for you. New weekly video inc probably in few days, maybe even tomorrow! Next IRL video takes sometime since I dont have good enough camera of my own.

Btw check out my lil bro's Runescape blog lol! 

If you are ex runescaper or still playing it go check it out :)

lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

How actually become really good at the game and life in general.

Very often people think that some people are born to be better at something while others fail at it. Off course its true that some people have talents in different skills, in this case PvP skill. Often people think that theres the pros and then theres the noobs. Thats actually quite true and same time not. No one is born pro, even if your skilled you have to learn how to play by countless hours of beating the skill you wanna learn. This goes for all skills. For example the world record to become grandmaster in Chess is 9 years. Usually it takes 10 years to become Grandmaster in chess. We now know that for you to really master something at elite level it takes around 10000 hours per skill to learn it well, therefore to become chess grandmaster you have to play 4 hours a day for 10 years to really become the best you can be.

     Now we can apply this to WoW PvP too, basicly only reason why good people in wow like hydra or kalimist are so insane is that they have played like hell and try to improve every single day to become better. Im also quite sure they've filled their 10000 hours easily and so have I. Now at this point its really about luck, how much you've played. So dont think your not able to become good at something say SC2 or anything in life  general if you got dedication and self-discipline to fulfill your goal i would say definatly do it. Also nowdays since if your good at sc2 you can just make it your profession id say thats game to waste your time on.


"We only feel pain from the things we regret and the moments when we didnt have self-discpline"  

keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2011

Definition of good player.

 New vid Uploaded
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We all wanna be best at what we do it maybe wow for some people or sports for someone. So was thinking one day what is the definition of good player. For me basicly one of the most important thing is that the player isnt real idiot who thinks hes the freaking best and owns the world. Problem is that most of the really good players kinda turn out this way because they can act like children. Basicly if someone acts like this i just cut them off i dont really care. For example I might play with weaker player who isnt that skilled as he is but if hes more chill than that nut shithouse rat progamer i always go with him. 
       Everyone really wanna putout this image that their freaking good, so they act like assholes because thats how some pro player they saw acts like serennia or who the hell acts like this. Offcourse if you go play to tournaments etc sometimes you just gotta tolerate stuff like this but it really kills the wibe and brings alot negative energy to the playing and  can affect your teamplay. Also usually these arrogants idiots cant take any criticism or constructive feedback.

    Anyway Sorry for a brake in writing for while, havent just had the time for playing so not much to write about =P Anyway releasing new weekly vid soon lol, maybe it should renamed every two weeks video.
Ciaó :)

lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2011


Ill be doing some Interviews from some fairly good players and e-fameous people! If you got some questions you would like to be asked from them let me know :)

Happy spring everyone !

maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

I love these guys!

Positive reaction :)

My first weekly video has gotten really positive reaction you definatly expect more of these, I have to save the best clips for thastor 7 but ill use in these weekly videos some of clips ive gathered that week and all cool stuff going in the game :)
Thanks alot of the comments, let me know if you got something you would like me to fix to next video, maybe its more BG or more duels, anyway cheers guys:)

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Happy spring , Thastors first weekly video!

Happy spring, its been awsome day sun has been shining all day and been out all day. I got my first weekly video done and i will definatly start adding these weekly here, of course I cant be dogmatic about this because i dont have so much time for playing anymore but im sure ill try 3-4 videos a month! And now summer is starting soon and i definatly will be doing alot of stuff now so maybe ill make videos from that, maybe swifty style, little irl stuff at start and then to the games, tell me what you think!

     Anyway heres the vid, Enjoy :)

perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011

New Bg video, On ThastorG channel :)

Here it is :) Sorry for the lack of new videos just made something for people who follow me at youtube or this blog, its just for entertainment not any super insane skill included except pve rotation dmg hehe.

If you notice its on my other channel, i will start adding like these little videos there weekly now that i got alot of free time, the channel is

Enjoy :)

torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2011

Thastors history 2# , gladi count...

   Hello again! Let me continue a bit from my history. After s4 I quited PvP for while and just PVE:d with my old guild Disharmony in Which i actually played from classic times! Definatly brings back some nostalgic feelings. I started this game when i was 12 or 13 cant really remember and spend all my wow years in disharmony all the way to WoTKL and naxx 25 times. Since s5 PvP was really bad and basicly had no feeling in it I didnt play almost arena at all during it. When s6 started I started pvp again, basic old war druid, actually missed gladi by 1 rating on it and got double gladiator to druid from 3on3 and 2o2. We would have not missed gladiator on warrior if we just would have played but i already had 310% mounts 2x at this point on my warrior so didnt mind. S6 definatly felt good after disaster like s5. On s7 I started Beastcleave and turtle on my warrior, we missed gladi by 1 rating again. Althought we played very bad turtle at that point it wasnt that good. The comp was Resto shaman, holy pala and warrior. We actually hit with that comp to 2663 or something in s6 in the first week but decided to play more. After s7 i quited arena on warrior for while since didnt have time and effort to get the gear from PVE and started pvp on healers etc. I got gladiator from s7 to my paladin only from beastcleave with really bad gear but played with some pros like armice who is definatly best enhas EU and kualify was the hunter, definatly was best ive played with but he quited now maybe hell return in s9. On s8 we actually got to rank 7 to rating 2773 with like 80% winrate and at end we had like 2950 mmr but decided to leave it to that atleast i got tons of views on stream lol. In s8 I also played LSD on my shaman too was very easy gladiator we played on last week 25-0 games ridiculious comp. Now in s9 ive been playing every now and then, pretty hard comps, liek WLD and WLP. But because ive been very inactive no gladiators coming from this season id say unless i grab my neck and start playing more and I will probably. I still have some nice clips from our trip with the WLD to 2.6. I really enjoyed playing WLD problem was that the comp sucked against WLS shaman healer is just too strong compared to druid. Atleast WLD made me alot better warrior and i had chance to play with some really good players again like Reag and Ili.

Lets see what the future brings now, most likely ill hit gladiator this season with some healer, im usually always better on healers except on my warrior maybe.


for people who dont wanna read that critting wall of text heres shortened
s3 warrior 1
s4 warrior 1 druid 2x
s5 --- boring season
s6 druid 2x missed gladi on war by 1 rating aka Relentless duelist thastor
s7 paladin 1 ,  missed gladi by 1 rating again on war
s8 paladin and shaman
s9 dnno man :)

keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Last 6 Months, Thastors history..

First of all id like to thank all you guys who read this and watch my videos on my Youtube really appreciate all of you.

  Last 6 months has been playing this game only now and then. Im gonna start releasing small clips with commentary like I wrote before. Im probably gonna release some fun clips whats happening around but mostly some good arena games, best ones i will save for Thastor XYZ major videos :)
       Im glad to return back to wow, im probably gonna just do it with better time management and only play on certain days and on others focus on school , friends and relaxing. So basicly if you want to hit up with me on arena, play it 2-3 times a week and get chance to be in my videos contact me on youtube/thastorcyclone msg me there or log stormreaver EU.  Im probably gonna also start releasing more IRL videos !
     People usually ask how many gladiators ive had, total 9 I think. I got gladiator in s3 on my warrior. That was my first gladiator ever and first season i played arena serious. On s4 I played Warrior to gladiator aswell I aswell got gladiator on my druid from 3on3 with full s1 gear (I just dinged) , I had gladiator rating on my shaman too but I decided to have fun and left team to play with my IRLS.
I have to run now ! ill write from my history more later ! 

tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Been working on Thastor 7 lately alot!

Id say its half done, I want it to be perfect before I release it. I told you that its going to be multiclass video, It might get couple of extra classes to make it more entertaining but currently it has Warrior , Lock and Shaman. Those are basicly the classes I like playing on atm the most :) I havent even been in wow for like 2 weeks due keylogger on my comp and alot of IRL stuff going on etc been editing when ive had hangovers and so on!
     I got twitter now more active check it out (Got it on iphone XD)
So you can attack on my privacy even more!

Im also considering of maybe uploading videos from other games ive been playing lately, not sure should I do it, making quiz to this blog go vote on and have your say!


tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Future videos

The type of videos you can expect in future are ofc Thastor X Type of major videos but because those take time and effort alot On side of that i will upload Mini videos from arenas ive been playing lately maybe when i get better mic with commentary on the side aswell! I think the mini videos from arenas will be uploaded on rather than thastorcyclone channel!
   For those who are waiting for thastor 7 dont worry its still in makes, been just busy as hell with real life. t7 is like 40% done!

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Back in business!

Gonna start playing wow more actively now, been out way too much + trying out sc2/wc3/css.
All of them are good games but just dont quite have to excitement as wow can give(duro afking).
I got like 7x charas now with full vicious probably without teams, ill log tomorrow first time for few weeks!
So contact me IG if you think your up for the gaimz! ( /who thastor and you will find me)

keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Havent written anything for while...

Finally got exams over, and nailed it went max scores ! Now I will have alot time to write, edit, fraps which means entertainment for you :)

Seems like alot of changes on their way, im kinda worried about the buffs to the mages again and the nerf of colo smash but something had to be done to warriors atleast. Im not sure why blizzard is buffing mages once again. Anyway Buffs to mages will pwn holy paladins even more on arena. Assuming there even is any lonely souls playing arena anymore.
Playing holy pala on arena was enjoyable for me so id like to adress some issues there is now. For some reason blizzard haven't even bothered to post about it  at all. The problem with paladins is that paladins are so easily CC:d now, no more fear / curse talent to get shorter fears / Hex:s. No more AOE sacri. No hots. Bad dispell. No offensive dispell. Bad interrupt.(cant be used in 3's in most cases).

Basicly thers no point picking pala to your team. Only comp that seems viable is pala priest war. Even there shammy would be 100x better.

But I got quick fix llist for blizzard!

1) give aoe sacri back
2) make beacon undispellable
3) make sacri and freedom undispellable to holy
4) make hot from FOL if target has beacon up
5) buff holy mastery
6) make hoj range 40 yards.
7) make rebuke aoe interrupt for holys with longer cd
8) winning

ty for reading.

NEW CSS video INC later tomorrow, its gonna be 10 minute one and alot better than the earlier one ;)
ill upload it on this channel

Releasing some Preview clips from Thastor 7, for Subscribers and people who read this :)

Clips will be on wld 2.5-2.6k cyclone EU.
Ill update this post soon as its there :)

tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Some CS games! + new Wow vids on their way =)

HellO! been recording some CSS ! Enjoy! and put music loud for some reason the sound is low. :o

sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Thastor 7, high profile players testing rift?

Lately people have been asking for more videos and ive been lately getting alot more subscribers on youtube etc. After march 16th, I will start adding videos weekly, either to my Main channel 
You can be sure that thastor 7 will be out soonish, it will be mostly matches of our WLD (currently 2.6k).
WLD really aint the best comp but definatly viable and entertaining to play. Atleast you dont hear whine for playing op comp, but tbh every comp with warrior atm is overpowered.
          Ive noticed many players hydra etc trying rift and so on , some people been asking me if im gonna try it. So far wow is only game i really can be arsed to play, maybe CSS with WH on public servers is okay (5x vac banns :3 ) I dont have just time to play other games and after wow I wont start any other games really, just because of the lack of time. And now Dont worry im not gonna quit wow, its still very entertaining and game is pretty much balanced. Only problem with current state atleast in EUROPE is that good players have now diveded to Cyclone and rampage, if blizzard cares would be nice to see those BG:S merged together. Also Would be nice that blizzard would show some intrest to promote wow as  E-sport, I think thats the biggest thing that makes pro players try other games. Only reason I care about that is that i think wow is only game worth wasting your time on and 3on3 tournaments are very entertaining to watch :)
I've already started frapsing WLD for some matches so see ya in arenas :)

dont worry im not bi-polar im Bi-WINNING

lauantai 19. helmikuuta 2011


Warrior (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (Arms passive) now gives 20% bonus damage with two-handed weapons, up from 10%.

Blizzard doesnt really seem to understand that the problem isnt damage, warrior damage is fine, way over the top tbh. Now that people get t2 weapons warriors will gain even more damage and now this buff, all you can do it laugh.

maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

How to fix the balance a bit.

1) Make deterrance remove all dots from hunters 
2) Nerf lock dot damage 5-10%
3)  Give arms intercept with 40 sec cooldown and tune down the damage a bit.(Make deadly calm and recklessness unusable together)
4) Holy paladins need something new, or make sacrifice undispellable / give trash buffs to palas. Freedom/Bop Etc will get dispelled way to easily. Perhaps its time to return AOE sacri back to holys?
5) Nerf Desperate prayer, it heals 30% of the health, doesnt cost mana, way too much heal from it.
6) Tune down the shields and the mana return from them so priests can maybe oom someday?
7) Tune down recu on rogues, 4% ticks are insane at 85 with full gear.
8) Druid mana regeneration is way too overpowered aswell, increse manacosts etc.

perjantai 11. helmikuuta 2011

Retirement center for warriors is here.....

  • Raging Blow reduced from 120% to 100% weapon damage at max level.


They could've not just  nerfed recklessnes + deadly calm burst, nah they had to go and ruin the class, hehe awsome :) Something you could expect from blizzard. This always happens with blizzard, they finally balance warriors for 3on3 and make warrior a class worth taking for in 3's without making all the fights down hill battles. (I agree recklessness deadly calm dmg was pretty op but without easily healable and counterable if you know what ur doing) 
Problem with warriors is that, If you dont know how to play against warrior, You will get owned, and since because maybe 80% of the population in wow has no clue what so ever how to play against warriors on healers or dpS etc, we will never see warriors able to get top ranks in 3on3 tournaments, or if so only by luck. I think there has been 3 warriors team winners overall in the history of WoW as e-sport, maybe blizzard its time to pull your head from your...............

torstai 10. helmikuuta 2011

Song list , Responding to some comments about thastor 6.


Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) 

2) Clip from Lotr gandalf speaking to frodo.

3) Yuri kane - Right back

3) Armin van buuren - State of trance 490

4) Ronald jenkees - Guitar sound.


Ill answer some of the comments now listed below.

DEAR BLIZZARD ... please nerf warriors collosus smash or their kidney shot ... NOT CHARGE ... WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU ?!?!