perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Yow! About Dara mactire EU.

I get probably 15-30 contacts IG when I log in to wow about dara mactire. Yes Im part of dara mactire now, but not US dara mactire. I know its US guild but they will be moving to europe slowly thats all I know. Eventhought im not part of the actual guild US dara mactire I belong to their youtube group and I regularly make video there my lates video here:  (kitty,Arena and 2x warrior 2on2) I hope you enjoy this, little different. My next video will be dueling 2.8k+ Players.
Douglas (Leader of dara mactire) Doesnt yet know who is going to lead it so I dont know that. I have no idea about times when its will it get online, when it will I will let you know :) just keep following this blog, utube or my twitter /FB I will keep you guys updated on this.
    Anyway I hope EU dara mactire will be as awsome as US one is. Maybe we will get big names there aswell :) Everyone atleast on US dara mactire seem really positive people and really trying to get the thing better and making better and better vids everyday which is awsome. Id like to give big shotout to mercader who is part of dara mactire aswell really nice guy :)

Have a great weekend guys :---------------)

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