maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

s10 arena is fun, Future vids.

Problem with these weekly videos is that I cant use my best clips there nor my best songs because I have to save my best clips and music for bigger videos. Althought same time I have to make sure its quality content on Weekly videos aswell. For example I got tons of quality stuff for thastor 8 but Scared to use it on weekly video.
This problem can be ofc solved by just playing more and surfing for good music. So if you got any good song ideas just let me know.
                      Ive been online alot more now since s10 is pretty fun. Yesterday we almost got 2.8k on my pally with 20-4 winrate. After that we got pwned by mirror like 10 times. My teammates went enrage. I told them not to que for while and calm down a bit but they just wanted to win, kept queing and using same tactics and getting the same result. Few tips for my readers if you do this too. Take 20 sec brake. Take deep breath, understand your not playing 100% when your playing with your emotions. Try different tactic and not same tactic. If you lost 5 times to same time using same tactics it wont probably work on the 6h game.

Found this quote on internet:
"Keep doing what you've always done, keep getting what you've always got"

So true. Goes around for real life  too btw.

PS: I still have couple of charas without 3on3 teams. If your chill guy with atleast 2.5k xp contact me here or youtube or IG.
have a great day.

torstai 21. heinäkuuta 2011

Weekly video 3#

Hey guys Heres my newest work :) Hope you like it. It has clips from war pov, dk , priest (really short one) and warlock clip :) I will answer any question here on my blog on next writing :)
Next video will have me playing holy paladin. Im best on pally was rank 7# in Eu cyclone whole s8 and tr rank 13#. So maybe if you play holy pally you can learn something. I also have alot of Resto shaman clips ! Cheers guys and have great day

tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Played arena abit today !

If your thinking what classes your going to play this season. Id say most fun classes seem to be Paladin, Lock and warrior. If you enjoy feral id say go for it. Basicly any team with feral now wins the team that has no feral. I will be trying kitty cleave again on my paladin probably going to be insane we had 2750 last season on it on my pally so maybe its 3k now? I really liked playing arena otherwise after couple weeks of brake. Warrior damage really seem to have dropped alot and new change on on reck / deadly calm seems to made some effect on the damage. Now if you wanna do it smart way you use recklessness and bladestorm together and after that or before you use deadly calm.
            I also have tons of clips on my computer now I will release video tomorrow, also started thastor 8. People sayd thastor 7 was way too much arena and not so exciting matches. I feel that I kinda noticed that when i made it but really wanted something different so if you watch thastor 6 you might wanna watch thastor 7 just for basicly extra footage just hardcore warrior 3on3.

To my non warrior playing readers I will have some DK clips and healing clips on Resto shaman and Holy paladin on my new vid so keep checking the youtube ! thanks for reading and have a great day.

Swifty banned, Conspiracy?

Tbh Its possible he didnt get ban on hes warrior just really good publicity trick. Imagine how many people are going on trade chat and forums maybe even on streets "Swifty is banned :(". Next question on the trade chat might be "Swifty who" Some guy googles swifty finds hes youtube channel = Swifty just got new subscribers and more money.
Athene instantly made video of it which is just more networking. And more they network the more they will gain ad revenue which is great and i must bow to them, great idea.
Swifty after the money from this fuzz :)

torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

Season 10 is here.

Season 10 is here, ill be giving some nice articles on different comps ill be trying throughout the season.
Since Im going to play this whole season now I think ill probably aim 3-4 gladiators. My record is 3x gladiators on same season and 4 duelists. now ill try 4 glads. Problem is probably going to be that there is not enough gladiator skilled players on Stormreaver. One of my good friends will be starting after summer so we can hit our top teams back up to top10 again.