torstai 30. joulukuuta 2010

Some pictures !

Happy new year everybody :)

tiistai 28. joulukuuta 2010

10 Things to fix with cataclysm

1) Fix Priests, We've met like 1-2 disc priests above 2.4k, The priests run out of mana in 30 seconds and yet their heals are worse than any other classes. Since no healer can do dmg anymore except paladins, maybe give priests mana free dots? Make priests again to be the healer that can do damage but has good burst heals. Flipside to that has to be that it ooms easy or it will be op.
2) Nerf necrotic strike 6x necrotic strikes in row with unholy aura is basicly game over.
3) fix mage cc
4) 15min bg ques is retarded.
5) lower honor item prices
6) Nerf lock self-healing
7) buff eles
8) Nerf ferals... Too much dmg and CC combined
9) Give me zinrokh from archeology
10) plz dont nerf wars


tiistai 21. joulukuuta 2010

First impressions of cataclysm, Thastor is now 3k warrior

Hello, been long time since I wrote anything, been leveling alts and farming honor quite a much! So far Ive got my pala  and warrior to 85. Next ill Level my DK probably due their fotm atm by far. I must admit warrior with 5 colossul smash procs in row is retardedly op and they should really add some hidden cd to the proc and warriors should be fine. Once people have 4k resi warrior dmg is gonna be lower ALOT due rage starvation.

Comp ive been playing now is Druid mage war. We are at 3.1k mmr due you dont lose MMR At all almost since retarded bug, but most teams we met have been in wotkl around 2.7-2.8k teams. Our stats are something like 51-20 so pretty decent
. Id still say that paladins are 5 times better healers than druids currently, im pretty sure they'll fix that soon, maybe buff lifebloom healing a bit? 1.3k per second vs 25k mortal crits aint nice. They also made druids Alot more skill based now, return of interrupts,more cycloning so not too shabby.
On my paladin Ive tested enha war pala, and lll i can say is that paladins are ridiclious. Freedom + 60% sprint every 30 seconds is laughable. Once again paladins will dominate the first season.

I think blizzard gonna wait till people get 4k resi and start fixing

ps. For people waiting videos, ill release quite some more videos now theres 1month vacation, cheers and merry christmas :)

keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010

Cataclysm is here, some pics :) And thastor 85!

New areas look awsome :)

Crazy dw :)

Finally 85 :) TBH this was Best expansion blizzard has made so far I wish Season 9 will be as nice as the leveling, I might change my mind thought about the leveling, 7 more charas to go...

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

5 Hours to cataclysm! :)

Sure has been long time since I last wrote anything here, I'm sorry for that.
Its been hell of a two weeks, 2 weeks of exams, school on saturday and after that to parté, then 1 week of exams more and now been drinking last 3 days, so basicly no sleep or any free time(wow time xD) for the last two weeks.
    Just when I thought i could sleep, noticed cataclysm is coming tonight so, no sleep for thastor again.
I wish good luck to you for cataclysm and i hope to see you in arenas, Ill start writing here more actively from now on especially now that i can speculate arenas and class balances, aka crying for bliz to buff wars !
pl0x buff wars, nerf mages,spriests,feralz plx

sunnuntai 28. marraskuuta 2010

thastor 5, nerf mages, buff warriors pl0x

So far the response and feedback from thastor 5 has been very good, thank you indeed for the comments!
(Play list is listed on my previous post btw, some people seem to ask for it.)
Next Major Video will be on cataclysm, once arenas start im planning to record every arena match and gather the best ones on our journey to top ratings.While waiting ill add some small videos weekly to youtube!

State of Game
            All i can say from current game state is that mages are op. Mages can kill 1400 resi targets with 40k hp in one deep freeze, thats incredible balanced, good work blizzard. Then again im sure they will fix it in cata, but knowing blizzard it will take five to six months, so dont hold your breath.

maanantai 22. marraskuuta 2010

Thastor 5 Is out!

 Thastor 5! is finally here.
 Im glad i got it ready, editing is best ive yet done to a video, and so far responses have been very positive! So im glad!
Video Includes 1vs3 scenes, probably not the most godlike gamers in EU but still decent!
Duels instead are against the top players in EU, mostly!
Pirates of caribbean - Hes a pirate
Armin van buuren - Serenity
Clip from gladiator
Globus - Europe.
Red hot chili peppers - otherside!

I hope you enjoy, it as much I enjoyed making it! Actually We enjoyed making it!
had help from my irl buddies big thanks for them ( forgot to include theyr thanks on the film, i guess ill be offering drinks this weekend!)

herb is a plant.

sunnuntai 21. marraskuuta 2010

Ultra busy with school, New video Out today or tomorrow "Thastor 5"

Hello, Im going to be busy untill next weeks wednesday from now on, so Ill try to get video done before i read 24/7 it will be today or tomorrow out! Its mostly duels and some 1vs3 clips etc! Im sure you will like it. I will add it o my Youtube channel and WCM.


Thastor 2 ! new blog since legal issues...

Thastor 2 edited versio and The state of the game!

Thastor 2 Edited version now is available in youtube. I edited out the long boring matches. So far its my most popular video.53k views on WCM, and 4.2/5 Rating so Pretty decent.
You can find It Here! If you liked my previous vids you will like it for sure, enjoy and dont forget to subscribe! :)

    Now back to the current state of the game. Currently everyone is bored with the game.But atleast we can do 1on1 alot now.
Warriors are currently very strong. Althought the nerfs which are gonna come, are going to screw the warrior 1on1 atleast. I wish they would preserve the warrior self heals, since its the thing that makes warrior unique.

        What about mages, they currently  kill me in one Deep freeze if they got some gear.(Oh and  I roll with 1.5k resi) Yet, no nerfs on the sight coming to frost mages. I cant remember a time when mages would have sucked, all the 6 years ive played they've always been very much playable.
     Since there's alot nerfs coming to warriors, I kinda started testing out my other characters.
Retribution paladin seemed Very strong.
Sometimes the heals with holy power procs are insane, and retri is unkillable. but then again its very easy to kite still and damage without wings aint really that good.
   I also tested out frost on my DK. Got excited about it after watching some frost dk clips. The dmg is really nice and its fun to play. What sucks about it is that it is very much proc oriented like Ret pala.