sunnuntai 21. marraskuuta 2010

Thastor 2 ! new blog since legal issues...

Thastor 2 edited versio and The state of the game!

Thastor 2 Edited version now is available in youtube. I edited out the long boring matches. So far its my most popular video.53k views on WCM, and 4.2/5 Rating so Pretty decent.
You can find It Here! If you liked my previous vids you will like it for sure, enjoy and dont forget to subscribe! :)

    Now back to the current state of the game. Currently everyone is bored with the game.But atleast we can do 1on1 alot now.
Warriors are currently very strong. Althought the nerfs which are gonna come, are going to screw the warrior 1on1 atleast. I wish they would preserve the warrior self heals, since its the thing that makes warrior unique.

        What about mages, they currently  kill me in one Deep freeze if they got some gear.(Oh and  I roll with 1.5k resi) Yet, no nerfs on the sight coming to frost mages. I cant remember a time when mages would have sucked, all the 6 years ive played they've always been very much playable.
     Since there's alot nerfs coming to warriors, I kinda started testing out my other characters.
Retribution paladin seemed Very strong.
Sometimes the heals with holy power procs are insane, and retri is unkillable. but then again its very easy to kite still and damage without wings aint really that good.
   I also tested out frost on my DK. Got excited about it after watching some frost dk clips. The dmg is really nice and its fun to play. What sucks about it is that it is very much proc oriented like Ret pala.

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