lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

How actually become really good at the game and life in general.

Very often people think that some people are born to be better at something while others fail at it. Off course its true that some people have talents in different skills, in this case PvP skill. Often people think that theres the pros and then theres the noobs. Thats actually quite true and same time not. No one is born pro, even if your skilled you have to learn how to play by countless hours of beating the skill you wanna learn. This goes for all skills. For example the world record to become grandmaster in Chess is 9 years. Usually it takes 10 years to become Grandmaster in chess. We now know that for you to really master something at elite level it takes around 10000 hours per skill to learn it well, therefore to become chess grandmaster you have to play 4 hours a day for 10 years to really become the best you can be.

     Now we can apply this to WoW PvP too, basicly only reason why good people in wow like hydra or kalimist are so insane is that they have played like hell and try to improve every single day to become better. Im also quite sure they've filled their 10000 hours easily and so have I. Now at this point its really about luck, how much you've played. So dont think your not able to become good at something say SC2 or anything in life  general if you got dedication and self-discipline to fulfill your goal i would say definatly do it. Also nowdays since if your good at sc2 you can just make it your profession id say thats game to waste your time on.


"We only feel pain from the things we regret and the moments when we didnt have self-discpline"  

keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2011

Definition of good player.

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We all wanna be best at what we do it maybe wow for some people or sports for someone. So was thinking one day what is the definition of good player. For me basicly one of the most important thing is that the player isnt real idiot who thinks hes the freaking best and owns the world. Problem is that most of the really good players kinda turn out this way because they can act like children. Basicly if someone acts like this i just cut them off i dont really care. For example I might play with weaker player who isnt that skilled as he is but if hes more chill than that nut shithouse rat progamer i always go with him. 
       Everyone really wanna putout this image that their freaking good, so they act like assholes because thats how some pro player they saw acts like serennia or who the hell acts like this. Offcourse if you go play to tournaments etc sometimes you just gotta tolerate stuff like this but it really kills the wibe and brings alot negative energy to the playing and  can affect your teamplay. Also usually these arrogants idiots cant take any criticism or constructive feedback.

    Anyway Sorry for a brake in writing for while, havent just had the time for playing so not much to write about =P Anyway releasing new weekly vid soon lol, maybe it should renamed every two weeks video.
Ciaó :)

lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2011


Ill be doing some Interviews from some fairly good players and e-fameous people! If you got some questions you would like to be asked from them let me know :)

Happy spring everyone !

maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

I love these guys!

Positive reaction :)

My first weekly video has gotten really positive reaction you definatly expect more of these, I have to save the best clips for thastor 7 but ill use in these weekly videos some of clips ive gathered that week and all cool stuff going in the game :)
Thanks alot of the comments, let me know if you got something you would like me to fix to next video, maybe its more BG or more duels, anyway cheers guys:)

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Happy spring , Thastors first weekly video!

Happy spring, its been awsome day sun has been shining all day and been out all day. I got my first weekly video done and i will definatly start adding these weekly here, of course I cant be dogmatic about this because i dont have so much time for playing anymore but im sure ill try 3-4 videos a month! And now summer is starting soon and i definatly will be doing alot of stuff now so maybe ill make videos from that, maybe swifty style, little irl stuff at start and then to the games, tell me what you think!

     Anyway heres the vid, Enjoy :)

perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011

New Bg video, On ThastorG channel :)

Here it is :) Sorry for the lack of new videos just made something for people who follow me at youtube or this blog, its just for entertainment not any super insane skill included except pve rotation dmg hehe.

If you notice its on my other channel, i will start adding like these little videos there weekly now that i got alot of free time, the channel is

Enjoy :)