lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2011

How actually become really good at the game and life in general.

Very often people think that some people are born to be better at something while others fail at it. Off course its true that some people have talents in different skills, in this case PvP skill. Often people think that theres the pros and then theres the noobs. Thats actually quite true and same time not. No one is born pro, even if your skilled you have to learn how to play by countless hours of beating the skill you wanna learn. This goes for all skills. For example the world record to become grandmaster in Chess is 9 years. Usually it takes 10 years to become Grandmaster in chess. We now know that for you to really master something at elite level it takes around 10000 hours per skill to learn it well, therefore to become chess grandmaster you have to play 4 hours a day for 10 years to really become the best you can be.

     Now we can apply this to WoW PvP too, basicly only reason why good people in wow like hydra or kalimist are so insane is that they have played like hell and try to improve every single day to become better. Im also quite sure they've filled their 10000 hours easily and so have I. Now at this point its really about luck, how much you've played. So dont think your not able to become good at something say SC2 or anything in life  general if you got dedication and self-discipline to fulfill your goal i would say definatly do it. Also nowdays since if your good at sc2 you can just make it your profession id say thats game to waste your time on.


"We only feel pain from the things we regret and the moments when we didnt have self-discpline"  

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