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Definition of good player.

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We all wanna be best at what we do it maybe wow for some people or sports for someone. So was thinking one day what is the definition of good player. For me basicly one of the most important thing is that the player isnt real idiot who thinks hes the freaking best and owns the world. Problem is that most of the really good players kinda turn out this way because they can act like children. Basicly if someone acts like this i just cut them off i dont really care. For example I might play with weaker player who isnt that skilled as he is but if hes more chill than that nut shithouse rat progamer i always go with him. 
       Everyone really wanna putout this image that their freaking good, so they act like assholes because thats how some pro player they saw acts like serennia or who the hell acts like this. Offcourse if you go play to tournaments etc sometimes you just gotta tolerate stuff like this but it really kills the wibe and brings alot negative energy to the playing and  can affect your teamplay. Also usually these arrogants idiots cant take any criticism or constructive feedback.

    Anyway Sorry for a brake in writing for while, havent just had the time for playing so not much to write about =P Anyway releasing new weekly vid soon lol, maybe it should renamed every two weeks video.
Ciaó :)

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