torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2011

Thastors history 2# , gladi count...

   Hello again! Let me continue a bit from my history. After s4 I quited PvP for while and just PVE:d with my old guild Disharmony in Which i actually played from classic times! Definatly brings back some nostalgic feelings. I started this game when i was 12 or 13 cant really remember and spend all my wow years in disharmony all the way to WoTKL and naxx 25 times. Since s5 PvP was really bad and basicly had no feeling in it I didnt play almost arena at all during it. When s6 started I started pvp again, basic old war druid, actually missed gladi by 1 rating on it and got double gladiator to druid from 3on3 and 2o2. We would have not missed gladiator on warrior if we just would have played but i already had 310% mounts 2x at this point on my warrior so didnt mind. S6 definatly felt good after disaster like s5. On s7 I started Beastcleave and turtle on my warrior, we missed gladi by 1 rating again. Althought we played very bad turtle at that point it wasnt that good. The comp was Resto shaman, holy pala and warrior. We actually hit with that comp to 2663 or something in s6 in the first week but decided to play more. After s7 i quited arena on warrior for while since didnt have time and effort to get the gear from PVE and started pvp on healers etc. I got gladiator from s7 to my paladin only from beastcleave with really bad gear but played with some pros like armice who is definatly best enhas EU and kualify was the hunter, definatly was best ive played with but he quited now maybe hell return in s9. On s8 we actually got to rank 7 to rating 2773 with like 80% winrate and at end we had like 2950 mmr but decided to leave it to that atleast i got tons of views on stream lol. In s8 I also played LSD on my shaman too was very easy gladiator we played on last week 25-0 games ridiculious comp. Now in s9 ive been playing every now and then, pretty hard comps, liek WLD and WLP. But because ive been very inactive no gladiators coming from this season id say unless i grab my neck and start playing more and I will probably. I still have some nice clips from our trip with the WLD to 2.6. I really enjoyed playing WLD problem was that the comp sucked against WLS shaman healer is just too strong compared to druid. Atleast WLD made me alot better warrior and i had chance to play with some really good players again like Reag and Ili.

Lets see what the future brings now, most likely ill hit gladiator this season with some healer, im usually always better on healers except on my warrior maybe.


for people who dont wanna read that critting wall of text heres shortened
s3 warrior 1
s4 warrior 1 druid 2x
s5 --- boring season
s6 druid 2x missed gladi on war by 1 rating aka Relentless duelist thastor
s7 paladin 1 ,  missed gladi by 1 rating again on war
s8 paladin and shaman
s9 dnno man :)

keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Last 6 Months, Thastors history..

First of all id like to thank all you guys who read this and watch my videos on my Youtube really appreciate all of you.

  Last 6 months has been playing this game only now and then. Im gonna start releasing small clips with commentary like I wrote before. Im probably gonna release some fun clips whats happening around but mostly some good arena games, best ones i will save for Thastor XYZ major videos :)
       Im glad to return back to wow, im probably gonna just do it with better time management and only play on certain days and on others focus on school , friends and relaxing. So basicly if you want to hit up with me on arena, play it 2-3 times a week and get chance to be in my videos contact me on youtube/thastorcyclone msg me there or log stormreaver EU.  Im probably gonna also start releasing more IRL videos !
     People usually ask how many gladiators ive had, total 9 I think. I got gladiator in s3 on my warrior. That was my first gladiator ever and first season i played arena serious. On s4 I played Warrior to gladiator aswell I aswell got gladiator on my druid from 3on3 with full s1 gear (I just dinged) , I had gladiator rating on my shaman too but I decided to have fun and left team to play with my IRLS.
I have to run now ! ill write from my history more later ! 

tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Been working on Thastor 7 lately alot!

Id say its half done, I want it to be perfect before I release it. I told you that its going to be multiclass video, It might get couple of extra classes to make it more entertaining but currently it has Warrior , Lock and Shaman. Those are basicly the classes I like playing on atm the most :) I havent even been in wow for like 2 weeks due keylogger on my comp and alot of IRL stuff going on etc been editing when ive had hangovers and so on!
     I got twitter now more active check it out (Got it on iphone XD)
So you can attack on my privacy even more!

Im also considering of maybe uploading videos from other games ive been playing lately, not sure should I do it, making quiz to this blog go vote on and have your say!


tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Future videos

The type of videos you can expect in future are ofc Thastor X Type of major videos but because those take time and effort alot On side of that i will upload Mini videos from arenas ive been playing lately maybe when i get better mic with commentary on the side aswell! I think the mini videos from arenas will be uploaded on rather than thastorcyclone channel!
   For those who are waiting for thastor 7 dont worry its still in makes, been just busy as hell with real life. t7 is like 40% done!