keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Last 6 Months, Thastors history..

First of all id like to thank all you guys who read this and watch my videos on my Youtube really appreciate all of you.

  Last 6 months has been playing this game only now and then. Im gonna start releasing small clips with commentary like I wrote before. Im probably gonna release some fun clips whats happening around but mostly some good arena games, best ones i will save for Thastor XYZ major videos :)
       Im glad to return back to wow, im probably gonna just do it with better time management and only play on certain days and on others focus on school , friends and relaxing. So basicly if you want to hit up with me on arena, play it 2-3 times a week and get chance to be in my videos contact me on youtube/thastorcyclone msg me there or log stormreaver EU.  Im probably gonna also start releasing more IRL videos !
     People usually ask how many gladiators ive had, total 9 I think. I got gladiator in s3 on my warrior. That was my first gladiator ever and first season i played arena serious. On s4 I played Warrior to gladiator aswell I aswell got gladiator on my druid from 3on3 with full s1 gear (I just dinged) , I had gladiator rating on my shaman too but I decided to have fun and left team to play with my IRLS.
I have to run now ! ill write from my history more later ! 

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