tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

Been working on Thastor 7 lately alot!

Id say its half done, I want it to be perfect before I release it. I told you that its going to be multiclass video, It might get couple of extra classes to make it more entertaining but currently it has Warrior , Lock and Shaman. Those are basicly the classes I like playing on atm the most :) I havent even been in wow for like 2 weeks due keylogger on my comp and alot of IRL stuff going on etc been editing when ive had hangovers and so on!
     I got twitter now more active check it out (Got it on iphone XD)
So you can attack on my privacy even more!

Im also considering of maybe uploading videos from other games ive been playing lately, not sure should I do it, making quiz to this blog go vote on and have your say!


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