sunnuntai 28. marraskuuta 2010

thastor 5, nerf mages, buff warriors pl0x

So far the response and feedback from thastor 5 has been very good, thank you indeed for the comments!
(Play list is listed on my previous post btw, some people seem to ask for it.)
Next Major Video will be on cataclysm, once arenas start im planning to record every arena match and gather the best ones on our journey to top ratings.While waiting ill add some small videos weekly to youtube!

State of Game
            All i can say from current game state is that mages are op. Mages can kill 1400 resi targets with 40k hp in one deep freeze, thats incredible balanced, good work blizzard. Then again im sure they will fix it in cata, but knowing blizzard it will take five to six months, so dont hold your breath.

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