maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

5 Hours to cataclysm! :)

Sure has been long time since I last wrote anything here, I'm sorry for that.
Its been hell of a two weeks, 2 weeks of exams, school on saturday and after that to parté, then 1 week of exams more and now been drinking last 3 days, so basicly no sleep or any free time(wow time xD) for the last two weeks.
    Just when I thought i could sleep, noticed cataclysm is coming tonight so, no sleep for thastor again.
I wish good luck to you for cataclysm and i hope to see you in arenas, Ill start writing here more actively from now on especially now that i can speculate arenas and class balances, aka crying for bliz to buff wars !
pl0x buff wars, nerf mages,spriests,feralz plx

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