tiistai 28. joulukuuta 2010

10 Things to fix with cataclysm

1) Fix Priests, We've met like 1-2 disc priests above 2.4k, The priests run out of mana in 30 seconds and yet their heals are worse than any other classes. Since no healer can do dmg anymore except paladins, maybe give priests mana free dots? Make priests again to be the healer that can do damage but has good burst heals. Flipside to that has to be that it ooms easy or it will be op.
2) Nerf necrotic strike 6x necrotic strikes in row with unholy aura is basicly game over.
3) fix mage cc
4) 15min bg ques is retarded.
5) lower honor item prices
6) Nerf lock self-healing
7) buff eles
8) Nerf ferals... Too much dmg and CC combined
9) Give me zinrokh from archeology
10) plz dont nerf wars


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