tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Played arena abit today !

If your thinking what classes your going to play this season. Id say most fun classes seem to be Paladin, Lock and warrior. If you enjoy feral id say go for it. Basicly any team with feral now wins the team that has no feral. I will be trying kitty cleave again on my paladin probably going to be insane we had 2750 last season on it on my pally so maybe its 3k now? I really liked playing arena otherwise after couple weeks of brake. Warrior damage really seem to have dropped alot and new change on on reck / deadly calm seems to made some effect on the damage. Now if you wanna do it smart way you use recklessness and bladestorm together and after that or before you use deadly calm.
            I also have tons of clips on my computer now I will release video tomorrow, also started thastor 8. People sayd thastor 7 was way too much arena and not so exciting matches. I feel that I kinda noticed that when i made it but really wanted something different so if you watch thastor 6 you might wanna watch thastor 7 just for basicly extra footage just hardcore warrior 3on3.

To my non warrior playing readers I will have some DK clips and healing clips on Resto shaman and Holy paladin on my new vid so keep checking the youtube ! thanks for reading and have a great day.

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