maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

s10 arena is fun, Future vids.

Problem with these weekly videos is that I cant use my best clips there nor my best songs because I have to save my best clips and music for bigger videos. Althought same time I have to make sure its quality content on Weekly videos aswell. For example I got tons of quality stuff for thastor 8 but Scared to use it on weekly video.
This problem can be ofc solved by just playing more and surfing for good music. So if you got any good song ideas just let me know.
                      Ive been online alot more now since s10 is pretty fun. Yesterday we almost got 2.8k on my pally with 20-4 winrate. After that we got pwned by mirror like 10 times. My teammates went enrage. I told them not to que for while and calm down a bit but they just wanted to win, kept queing and using same tactics and getting the same result. Few tips for my readers if you do this too. Take 20 sec brake. Take deep breath, understand your not playing 100% when your playing with your emotions. Try different tactic and not same tactic. If you lost 5 times to same time using same tactics it wont probably work on the 6h game.

Found this quote on internet:
"Keep doing what you've always done, keep getting what you've always got"

So true. Goes around for real life  too btw.

PS: I still have couple of charas without 3on3 teams. If your chill guy with atleast 2.5k xp contact me here or youtube or IG.
have a great day.

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