perjantai 26. elokuuta 2011

Hey guys :) Promise to you and way to get free gold from me.

If I dont write here Daily For the next month, Everyday I dont write here everyone who is reading this blog is allowed to come trade me for 100g each day when I Didnt write. If in 24 hours I havent (GmT+2) Wrote ANYTHING in here you have right to come trade me for 100g. I got big exam from english coming up so writing stuff about all kinds of stuff will help that maybe. This starts tomorrow, so check this daily if I havent wrote anything you have right to come trade me for free gold. Cu at orgimmar :)

PS: new vids in to  Finally got some music I can use there aswell / Camera. Im gonna release first IRL Video when We get 250 thumbs up to 1 video. But releasing some game play with some really good music there already TODAY or tomorrow :) so keep your eyes open on your subscriber box.

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