keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2011

Save The mages!!

Just look at the face of this mage, and try to turn away. Each up to 1-2 Mages lose an arena match per day. They are crippled by the devastating effects of the mage nerfs.
How can we live our days knowing there big problem in this balance system in wow.
Currently theres 1.3million mages in this world. Oppox Belongs to these unlucky travellers. Mages are in horrible need of buff. Currently mages actually need 1 global to do over 70k damage to 4k resielence targets, this is outrageous something NEEDS TO BE DONE THE DAMAGE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH.  Mages Crowd control abilities are so fall behind its unbelievable, they only can roll cc in whole enemy team for over 30 seconds, Something needs  to be done or the class will fall of the map. As we can see the class representation is nearly below 0.1%. Why would someone want to take mage to your team when he had only double any other classes damage? Why take mage when he can tank more than tanks itself? Why take mage with more cc than any other class? The class is useless...!

Not to mention the horrible Survivability abilities that mages have, 30k shields and 2x invurnability to all damage is just not enough not to mention immune to stuns and passive sprint!

Save the mages, donate now............

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  1. agree, I have over 4k resilience on my warrior, and a simple ice lance (note: not even cast time) crits me for 17k already. not to talk about the cc + pet cc.

  2. You " people" have real mental problems, and it's not superficial.
    We know what and who you are " doing" and you know it's just a matter of time.
    If I were you, the juries will ask who you saved, when you could have, and if you tell them, " nobody" , what do you think that does for your judgment and the
    " BLACKNOD"?
    It will nothing but " BLYBENS " and that's more than guaranteed.
    So, World of Thastor in TORONTO with the BUNN- BUNN 5 ?
    And Duke of Earl?
    Trying to give you all messages to let you know there is " MERCE " when that should be the case.
    But all we see is Queen Elizabeth and her GREED ARK and that is pure SQBPCOM .
    With COMIA.
    And so, you are running on borrowed minutes.
    Here's the " donation".
    CASA DONASA and DONSUPPE with DONSUPE will be ANGEL - FIRE if he does not give it all up and that means THE QUEEN.