torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

Hey guys sorry for the lack of content here lately. I been thinking And I remove Advertisement from here.
From now on its just going to be quality writing with clean background. Todays topic were going to examine will be about players at high rating.
You constantly hear from people, those guys are assholes. Yes its true that some of them are but why. Its kinda like how people who are really good looking can be real assholes
And get away with it.
In this case being really good looking can be replaced by being just really good player. People have to play with them and their rules. These people who really think their the shit
enjoy this. I think they must get some kind of narcistical satisfaction from this. These really good players might be total failures in their real life, jobless, no friends,
nothing they're trying to pursue, just new day and same old shit right. But Once they log into this game which brings them their validation they become the ultimate king of the world.

    Because this game or what ever game it is that brings to these players their validation they get really pissed when they dont succeed, thats why you see people go really crazy over this shit.
Its no longer just a game. I personally feel sorry for guys like this its not usually their fault their there even thought they might be yelling at you in skype in reality their just
feeling shit from stuff going on in their real life since their not taking care of things or living the life they really want.

btw ps: Im not judging people who really live in this game,i play it alot aswell maybe just giving you a heads up when you meet these hardcore people. (btw my skype is thastorii)
Also not everyone will have choice of things to do really and nothing wrong with that, dont worry about things you dont have just be happy with stuff you got.
but if you wanna change stuff up, change it.

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