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[Warrior Post] Incite or Slam spec for Warriors? PS link to newest thastor vid at end of post, Thumbs up!

Hey guys thastor here. I probably get like 10-15 questions per day about which spec should warriors go. Naturally I was slam spec throughout the whole season 9 which back then it was awsome and you basicly could burst down max resi dk:s in couple seconds (Check Thastor 6 Ending if you wanna see how it was) It was really fun to play back then. Now with new Colossul smash and Damage nerf warrior is alot like rogues actually. No longer big burst damage its more sustained damage and if you know what your doing its okay. Althought why take warrior to your team when you can just take any other class and have better dmg and CC but thats another story for another day. Reason I went incite is actually some guy came on and sayd, why your slam spec when you barely use it. Started watching some clips and noticed there aint many spots to use it, i already kinda knew this just had this deep attachment to short slam casts  :3 Only clips I saw me using it alot was if we had split damage against Lock Healer X teams when Warriors goes LOCK and feral goes interrupt healer. Also when I go solo some priests I used it.
Few pointers here if your going with slam spec:
Use slam:
1# When you have Mortal on CD, OP on CD,  Heroic strike on CD (Depending on Rage situation) and Remember the stacks its really nice to have 3x stacks and get good free slam time behind pillar to priest.

2#  Try pick targets that are easily slammable.

3# When you have good comp to use it and to generate spots where you can maximize the spec.

 anyway back to boats and hoes.
I personally really like incite, When you get higher the enemies get better and they know how to CC warriors, they know how to think and how to play against you. This is why warriors been whining that Higher you get the harder it gets especially for warriors because its easily cc:able still, especially with 25s spell reflect CD now days, brilliant idea nerfing not like warriors were getting owned by wizard cleaves earlier right?
But the better the enemies get, The less Face to face time you get with these people so I really basicly had GOOD slam spots 1-2 times a match but Im constantly using heroic strike and thats how I respecced.

DOUBLE WARRIOR ACTION ! newest thastor vid wadup !


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