tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Thastors key binds part 1#

I get alot of PM:s in youtube or in game about my keybinds and so on so heres the ultimate guide to key binds by thastor. Before we get started make sure your every skill is actually keybinded, really go do it now if not.
These might not work with your hand everything is about how big  your hand size is really.
Heres my basic keybinds for my warrior, will give more example on other classes after this.

basicly my binds are these, ill explain few macros here too.
1 = Charge (Battle stance) , Intervene, (Def), Intercept (Zerk)
2 = mortal on all stances
3= slam / sunder armor (Not really using that anymore
4= hamstring, shield block, hamstring
5= Throwdown,revenge and cleave
6 = auto attack for lols i dont use 6 at all.
7= commanding shout, not using 7 at all
T= Spell reflect macro get shield from this, i got macro vid on thastoRG channel
E = Op, Battle stance, battle stance
Q= Zerk stance and equip 2h, same (def) , Zerk Whirlwind
F = Execute.
f1= Target arena 1
f2 = Target arena 2
f3= target arena 3
Those are really awsome, played without them for long time they really help targeting when you get used to them.
From picture you can see rest I think, ill explain few more.
S-E = Shield , def stance
S-T = back 2h.
SH = focus
Caps = zerk stance, really old button to have not used anymore since reck is now on battle stance
CF = Shield wall macro (Also on macro video)
CE= Focus charge
s4= focus pummel
s5=  Intervene macro
SY = Stop bladestorm
SC = imba healing macro
SF= Swiftys 1 shot macro  (Reck, mortal, trinket, bladestorm after that)
Mouse button 1 = focus throwdown
Mousebutton 2 = Colossul smash and trinket.

boatss and hoooooo........

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  1. SC = imba healing macro

    which macro is this? can you explain it? thanks!