maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2011

Nostalgic Stuff in wow pt.2 , s10 Starting Team up with Thastor

Put musics on. Go to some classic zones damn thats nice if you have played in vanilla. Really just funny especially after a couple weeks brake from the game. I will upload some of clips from hillsbrad right before cataclysm patch came so if you wanna hear the old musics they really are cool, some of the new ones seems to be okay as well. Anyway dont worry if your PvP player about this RP stuff, im not going crazy and I wont be writing much stuff like this. I just havent been playing lately so much so dont have much to comment about PvP all I can currently say is that warrior seems really fun still to play, I will launch a Quiz BTW should I comment on other classes too since I got them all almost at 85 with full vicious and 2.5k+ xp on all of them atleast, But this was started as warrior blog so not sure so gotta ask the readers. I will always try to cover always the otherside aswell if im commenting on warrior changes because thats what makes great player, knowing your enemy.

           S10 will kick in soon and then I will start rolling alot more in arenas with my charas. Already started leveling my 9th 85 chara hehe. If your intrested playing with me you can leave comment or just come online and write /Who thastor and you'll find me. I expect that you have 2.6k expierence+ on Cyclone/Rampage or if your on other BG and think if you are at that level and up for it then definatly give me a shot and tell me about yourself a bit. Also if your on cyclone and you're stuck with bad players but sure that your good I can test out with you in 2's a bit. And if you dont qualify to those go practice and try becoming better everyday.

"Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will be far short of it.

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