keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

How did I make my money in WoW.

People ask where I get money to gear up all my 9 characters. Gems and best enchants to all of those characters sure are tough to get if you dont know how to get the money. So im gonna let you know how I did it.
         Basicly, I did nothing. My army did the work for me. Now you might be thinking what the.... Basicly what I did instantly after I noticed that woah these guild perks seem pretty cool! Then one of them really stroke my eyes! 10% of  The gold Looted goes now to the guild bank. So i decided to make biggest guild on server and thats what I did. All the work I did was invite tons of people with my good friend Revenga who is basicly richest guy on SR I think. Now I just chilled for couple of months let the money come to me and now I got like 100k. I did nothing. Other way I made those is Leveling is really essential if you want money fast aswell. Thats also good way to get money to your guild bank or level your guild. I might be startin a new guild. My guild is now 25 level and it has 1000 members which is MAX. So if you want to get rich in WoW easily and not doin much Id suggest you to do this. Only tough part is gettin people to join the guild and that can be annoying.
I wish you the best of luck :)

PS: I want to let you know that I still have very good material from my Frost dk arenas, some warrior and Resto shaman. All of them are 3 on 3 I got tons of material for weekly Materials Ill be uploading them to youtube very soon!

peacé out! =)

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