perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011

Tanaris most nostalgic place in wow :)

If your old school player like me, you can remember the times when you were little like 13 years old and went to tanaris first time. You heard the music, saw the mobs some of them were too high level for you to beat them maybe you also visited zul'farrak first time.  It was like whole new world. You might have died few times to some high level mobs but you still kept trying to quest there. Those were the times. I still enjoy going to tanaris even 6 years after all that. I still remember when my rogue was my main it was like level 44 or something my family just got home from 2 week vacation from thailand i felt just great coming home, but we came home at like 3.44 am and it was december 31th so new years, i was like 12 or 13 cant remember i just played all night long untill all my friends got here. I travelled with my rogue around azeroth that night all night long visited tanaris and hinterlands both of my favorite areas, its really funny how you remember stuff like this.
I miss the old  songs in tanaris and other classic songs in azeroth. Blizzard should just return atleast some of them. I have some frapsed material of me walking around in azeroth with music on I can probably add them to my youtube someday just for the nostalgia and to share it with you :) I'm gonna try rated bg:s for the first time on sunday I think gonna fraps it too and see if anything cool comes out of that ! I think I better stop writing before this gets too RP.

have a nice day guys :) maybe share your cool nostalgic expierences in wow !

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  1. I remember the first time I hit up the Hinterlands. Now that is one of my all time favorite zons lol. It was really interesting back in the day when ya had to hoof it out there too.

  2. roflmao!!

    I'm sorry... but PCs were 5 years in the future when I was 13... (1976) but I get your point.

    I remember many firsts in WoW and how it would make your heart jump to see a mob that was level 19 when you were just lvl 13 and still trying to work out how the game worked... I remember getting my first mount at level 40, literally the night before the patch hit that was changing it to 30... I pushed it hard that day just so that I knew I 'got it the long way'... We only started playing 2 months before Wrath came out and didn't even get the expansions for 4-5 more months after that... so Cat was actually our first big expansion to hit...

    So I guess even though I'm considerably older, maybe I'm not quite 'old school' when it comes to WoW quite yet... lol

  3. thanks for the comments guys :) @Mhorgrim yeah hinterlands is just amazing with the old musics and so on, and the outdoor boss place there was scary lol.
    @Matt M : haha feel that my friend :)

  4. Old time players... hmph.

    C out