torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

Starting new channel 8)

Im gonna apply to machinima director program once I reach 10.000 subscribers.
I need to change all my copy righted stuff to other channel, so Slowly Ill start Uploading stuff there.
Old videos and new copyrighted music stuff, people tend to like my music taste alot so even after ill become director with machinima ill still make videos with awsome music and so on.

One possibility is also that I Make This channel my Main channel and leave Thastorcyclone as it is.

In any way, Sub there for more sum high rated arenas, tips and BTW commentaries is stuff im working next.

Also little hint to my blog readers I got 2 extra razer nagas here so Ill be doing give away at some point.

Rogue is lvl 70 atm!

Will make post l8r on that.


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