keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Havent written anything for while...

Finally got exams over, and nailed it went max scores ! Now I will have alot time to write, edit, fraps which means entertainment for you :)

Seems like alot of changes on their way, im kinda worried about the buffs to the mages again and the nerf of colo smash but something had to be done to warriors atleast. Im not sure why blizzard is buffing mages once again. Anyway Buffs to mages will pwn holy paladins even more on arena. Assuming there even is any lonely souls playing arena anymore.
Playing holy pala on arena was enjoyable for me so id like to adress some issues there is now. For some reason blizzard haven't even bothered to post about it  at all. The problem with paladins is that paladins are so easily CC:d now, no more fear / curse talent to get shorter fears / Hex:s. No more AOE sacri. No hots. Bad dispell. No offensive dispell. Bad interrupt.(cant be used in 3's in most cases).

Basicly thers no point picking pala to your team. Only comp that seems viable is pala priest war. Even there shammy would be 100x better.

But I got quick fix llist for blizzard!

1) give aoe sacri back
2) make beacon undispellable
3) make sacri and freedom undispellable to holy
4) make hot from FOL if target has beacon up
5) buff holy mastery
6) make hoj range 40 yards.
7) make rebuke aoe interrupt for holys with longer cd
8) winning

ty for reading.

NEW CSS video INC later tomorrow, its gonna be 10 minute one and alot better than the earlier one ;)
ill upload it on this channel

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