sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Thastor 7, high profile players testing rift?

Lately people have been asking for more videos and ive been lately getting alot more subscribers on youtube etc. After march 16th, I will start adding videos weekly, either to my Main channel 
You can be sure that thastor 7 will be out soonish, it will be mostly matches of our WLD (currently 2.6k).
WLD really aint the best comp but definatly viable and entertaining to play. Atleast you dont hear whine for playing op comp, but tbh every comp with warrior atm is overpowered.
          Ive noticed many players hydra etc trying rift and so on , some people been asking me if im gonna try it. So far wow is only game i really can be arsed to play, maybe CSS with WH on public servers is okay (5x vac banns :3 ) I dont have just time to play other games and after wow I wont start any other games really, just because of the lack of time. And now Dont worry im not gonna quit wow, its still very entertaining and game is pretty much balanced. Only problem with current state atleast in EUROPE is that good players have now diveded to Cyclone and rampage, if blizzard cares would be nice to see those BG:S merged together. Also Would be nice that blizzard would show some intrest to promote wow as  E-sport, I think thats the biggest thing that makes pro players try other games. Only reason I care about that is that i think wow is only game worth wasting your time on and 3on3 tournaments are very entertaining to watch :)
I've already started frapsing WLD for some matches so see ya in arenas :)

dont worry im not bi-polar im Bi-WINNING

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