sunnuntai 16. tammikuuta 2011

Warriors after Mobility nerf?

Once again were probably going to see warriors being nerfed basicly for no reason. Already now every class can counter warriors if they know what their doing. With the current warrior situtation, warriors could have managed in 3's in high level but once again theres no point even trying to get to the very top teams. To even have warrior on your team will drag you down and make your matches downhill battles. Why bother taking warrior when you can just take hunter and have same dmg, but as ranged and with better cc?
After Intercept is basicly taken away from arms, perhaps fury is the spec for warriors for now on. Playing arms in arena is just more fun so its sad that their nerfing it to oblivion, althought 3 second aoe stun sounds fun but 1 charge isnt enough to keep up with people, almost every class can now kite warriors. But perhaps warrior damage will be still quite nice but your most likely going to need freedom to keep up with people in arena. Setups that are gonna be awsome are WLP / TSG. While we wait for the patch heres some good music from 60's 8)


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