sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2011

Cyclone isnt dead after all? Mages.........+ Thastor on Twitter now.

 Thastor is now on Twitter:


Seems like Cyclone is still going strong, theres still alot of very good old players in cyclone and some good competition. Many good players still linger in Stormscale, Stormreaver and ravencrest in Cyclone. Sad part is that most of the sponsored players left cyclone now, and the only sponsored players here are Inflame and Flyn I guess. Still cyclone remains one of the top BG:s with good competition. Getting rank one is probably more challenging to get in rampage now thought, and since most sponsored gamers from EU went there we might see rampage slowly become new stormscale, but we'll see.

I dinged my mage to 85 just a hour ago and I can say that its most ridiculous class there is.

Mages got everything, bloodlust, Insane CC, 2x blocks, Insane mobility with sprint, Mortal,Damage with lust is unhealable almost and ofc bloodlust. One should not say, what mages got rather than  what they dont have.

7th chara, boy do I feel nerd 8)

 Hes facial expressions are priceless. :)

Music like this sure beats lady gaga and the one who shall not be named.

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