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Hello RMPS, Mages getting buffed?

Seems like priest are getting some love:  
  • Strength of Soul has an additional effect - In addition, when you cast Power Word: Shield on yourself you are immune to Silence, Interrupt and Dispel effects for 2/4 sec. 
4 second aura mastery every 14 seconds.

  • The mana cost of Power Word: Shield has been increased by approximately 31%, but its effect has been increased by 208%.
    • Improved Power Word: Shield now also increases the amount absorbed by an additional 15/30% when cast on oneself.                                                                                                                                          
Seems like blizzard loves to make some classes First unplayble, then buff it to heavens and keep it there few seasons. 

In other news.......

  • Deep Freeze damage done has been reduced by 20%.
  • Fingers of Frost can no longer be dispelled and now also increases Ice Lance damage by 15%.
It is an outrage how bad mages are now and obviously need buff! This has nothing to do with the fact that Ghostgrawler plays mage himself? Even thinking that is deeply blasphemious .

What about warrior Changes?
Warriors getting only 1 Charge, but with 3.5 stun, its gonna be intresting to see how it works. Anyway the patch might be huge buff for warriors, with bloodlust now being forbidden to use on arena and -2s less cc time on every CC, WLD and TSG are gonna be awsome comps to play. There is basicly no major changes to warlocks dmg and its self heals. Warlocks atm heal life 50% what healers heal during the match! 

Thastor 6 will take sometime still, dont wanna release it unless its awsome. 
On meanwhile ill make Tutorial on warrior macros and exploits Here:


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