keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

Warriors aint too bad after all? Paladins worst healer now

It was speculated that warriors would brought  to their s5 state. Atleast they know their place, right! well things aint like that, wars are still very much able to deliever good amount of damage, maybe the burst was toned down a bit but the damage is still nice. Arms is still fine and dandy like george carlin would say. Fury aswell seems pretty viable now, especially with the explosion in the amount of locks makes fury attractive. Its very easy for healer aswell to have fury on the team. All the trash damage, smalll dmg etc dots will be healed by bloodthirst. Also dont forget the enraged regen which heals over half health with little mastery.
I would recommend for you to try WLD or Enha war druid.
WLD Might be intresting now after lust is gone and tremor is nerfed, and ofc druid is best healer in game still by far.

                   When it comes to healers, pallys are probably now the worst. Paladins are so easily countered  by priests and dispell of sacris and bubble. Good RMP can lock down pally so quickly even if pally has cooldowns. Even shaman can deal against cc comps better than paladins now. Maybe time to give AOE sacri back to paladins?
    I tested on my priest today abit and it seems like priest is really nice now, Not ooming after casting  two and half spells and healing and shields are really strong. 
Also Getting immunity to interrupts /dispells for 4 seconds every 45 seconds is huge.
buff palaz nerf druidz 

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  1. Hey, Thastor. I appreciate you making your latest thread. I was sure that warriors were S5'd, but I suppose I just needed a little reassuring since AJ has just been absolutely full of doomsayers.

    Got a couple of questions for you when you have time:
    1) Do you intend on trying out fury?
    2) Can you update Thastor6 with a track list for the music you used in the info. That'd be great:)

  2. Hello :)Yeah things probably aint that bad, warrior dmg is still the same and if you can stick with the target you will do insane dmg.

    Im not sure yet, arms still does very nice dmg.
    Biggest problem are druids and DK:s.
    And because there is always one of those in the opposite teams, im gonna try fury abit and will offer some insight on that i think :)
    One charge isnt enough to keep up with DK:S and druids.