maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

How to fix the balance a bit.

1) Make deterrance remove all dots from hunters 
2) Nerf lock dot damage 5-10%
3)  Give arms intercept with 40 sec cooldown and tune down the damage a bit.(Make deadly calm and recklessness unusable together)
4) Holy paladins need something new, or make sacrifice undispellable / give trash buffs to palas. Freedom/Bop Etc will get dispelled way to easily. Perhaps its time to return AOE sacri back to holys?
5) Nerf Desperate prayer, it heals 30% of the health, doesnt cost mana, way too much heal from it.
6) Tune down the shields and the mana return from them so priests can maybe oom someday?
7) Tune down recu on rogues, 4% ticks are insane at 85 with full gear.
8) Druid mana regeneration is way too overpowered aswell, increse manacosts etc.

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